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We have just started a game and are at low levels (I am 2 currently). My character was blinded by a bad save and he is a magus. In low levels is there anyway to play a blinded character who is not useless in combat and out of combat?

In our game we use the crit card system where we draw cards when we crit. Most of the cards have special's along with extra damage. The card that hit me was called "Across the Eyes" Your character is permanently blinded.

I am not trying to find a way to cure the blindness as I am aware of how to do that. My question is how to mechanically make a blinded character usable. If low level solutions are not possible what is the minimum level this would be possible as I may decide to keep him like this for RP reasons.

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It's very difficult to play a character who can't see, especially at low levels. Not only will you not have the perception bonuses to pinpoint someone (DC 40 to find the exact square of something you can't see before applying modifiers up or down), and getting a way to "see" all the time is just as difficult.

Also, if you don't take the Blind-Fight feat, you'll also need to deal with the DC 10 acrobatics check to move around faster than half speed.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to get an ability to help you find your opponents. If you're an Orc or Half-Orc, you can grab the Keen Scent feat, letting you notice enemies within 30ft of you most of the time, and letting you pinpoint the square of adjacent enemies. It's not great, but it'll at least let you pick a square to roll your miss chances on instead of taking a 1/8th chance of even swinging in the right direction.

There aren't any feats that grand blindsight or blindsense, sadly. There's a dwarf-only one that gets you short-ranged tremorsense, but it's higher level than you can use.

This leaves spells and items, really. Echolocation grants 40ft blindsight, but is a higher-level spell, and so, it's probably out of reach. Same with the shapeshifting spells that grant blindsense.

Looking through the pathfinder SRD, there are a few items you could use, but they're probably all outside your price range. Still, I'll list them. Maybe your DM is nice and will give you one.

"Sense" abilities

  • Circlet of Mindsight (22k): Lets you see things with intelligence scores. Useful if you're not fighting lots of mindless things. Only 30ft, and only blind*sense*, so you still suffer the normal miss chance for blindness, but at least you'll be able to find your enemies.
  • Tremor Boots (10k): Tremorsense 20ft. Same issue as blindsense, but it's cheaper than mindsight, at least. You will have issues with fliers if you rely on tremorsense to fight.
  • Hand of Stone (27k): Tremorsense 30ft if you spend an action to get it. Don't use this.
  • Eyes of the Dragon (110k): Really expensive way to get 60ft blindsense. It'll pinpoint enemies for you, but is waaaay outside your price range probably.


... I hadn't realized how hard it is to get blindsight in Pathfinder. Honestly, I think if you're looking for an item, the best bet would be to ask if you can pull the Blindfold of True Darkness from 3.5's Magic Item Compendium. 30ft blindsight for 9,000gp instead of the exorbitantly priced stuff in official PF materials.

Other than that, I guess the best choice is to figure out something with your DM. Fighting blind in Pathfinder is hard, especially at low levels... I wish you luck, in any case.

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