[RPG] Post character creation, getting spellcraft bonuses


After character creation what is a good way to get bonuses to spellcraft? I'd rather not have to use feats, however.

Are there any items, equipment, spells or suchlike that could be used? Such as maybe foxes cunning – however with the short duration it's not really useful for item creation as this is going to be the character's focus.

Extra: The character is an Elven Wizard Universalist. Campaign setting is Kingmaker.

Best Answer

If you can't or don't want to expend feats, then you are left with very few choices.

Synergy bonus has been removed from the 's skill systems, so maximizing your Knowledge (Arcana) does not help.

However, you can forge or commission a custom magic itemD20PFSRD. The key formula is

Skill bonus (competence) | Bonus squared x 100 gp

So, for example, a Diadem of Dweomercraft +10 could be commissioned or bought for 10'000 gp (or crafted for half that value).