[RPG] Qinggong Monk Lvl 20 Build


While I know monks are not optimal characters as there are other class that easily outshine them I built this character to loosely resemble Iron Fist from Marvel. The idea of the build is to be a monk who can fight unarmed effectively while making the most use of his ki pool to deal extra damage. I also wanted to make sure his feats help support his ability to hit as much as possible each round.

I also asked Extra attacks based on feats to which i received a great thought out answer.

What I really would like to know is what other 9 feats could I take to increase my ki powers, add more attacks per round, or maximize damage based on existing model?

I have included the character sheet for what I have so far:

character sheet pg1
Character sheet pg2
Character sheet pg3

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Best Answer

In order to make a character that feels like the Iron Fist Danny Rand, I would take these feats:

  • Intimidating Prowess; Danny definitely uses his strength to intimidate when he feels it necessary
  • Weapon Focus (unarmed strikes); Pre-req and generally useful to deal more damage by landing more hits
  • Dazzling Display; The Iron Fist's showmanship is known to end fights
  • Shatter Defenses; Once a target knows they will be beaten, they are already beaten. Also more damage because more hits land
  • Power Attack; More damage, and you're already reducing enemies' AC against you, so the penalty won't be crippling.
  • Dazing Assault; Danny strikes to leave his opponents off balance. More Medusa's Wrath for more damage, only use when you know you can hit despite the penalty
  • Cornugon Smash; Sometimes Danny simply hits harder than the enemy was prepared for. Synergism with other build suggestions
  • Mobility; Danny will always put himself in the optimal position to strike from, and usually gets there safely
  • Disorienting Maneuver; Danny uses his body to leave opponents open. More synergism with the build

An aside, based on my recommended build, I would try to move more skill points into Intimidate.