[RPG] Question on Stacked conditions


According to Pathfinder rules on conditions: "If more than one condition affects a character, apply them all. If effects can't combine, apply the most severe effect."

Using this, is it safe to assume that someone that if someone was intimidated (Applying the "Shaken" condition) then immediately succumbed to a Doom spell, (Also applying the "Shaken Condition) is this person now "Panicked" until the intimidate wears off? What if someone casts Doom on someone twice? Are they "Panicked" as well?

Best Answer

There's two different questions here - what conditions in general "don't stack" and you just take the worst, and which conditions "double down" when reapplied, and then which one of these ways does fear work? Fear doubles down; in other words it stacks and worsens down the condition track.


They don't list it in the condition summary, but under the Fear section you can see that someone who is shaken that gets shaken again moves up to frightened, etc. That's a special sort of stacking that only fear and a few other things do. Note that in several places, like the Intimidate skill, they deliberately nerf this by saying "two shakens caused by Intimidate doesn't stack to frightened" - they only say this because usually they do.

So yes, specifically, if you Intimidate someone and they're shaken, and then cast Doom on them and shake them again, they are frightened (not panicked, you'd need another for that - a second Doom could do it, but not another Intimidate because Intimidate explicitly doesn't stack).

Other Stuff

Normally conditions don't stack, but this does require interpretation at times. You don't Dazzle someone twice and then then become Blinded, but also they don't explicitly say Dazzled is a lesser condition than Blinded. In general it's easy when it's all numerical - "-2 morale penalty to attack rolls" and "-1 morale penalty to attack rolls" nets you just the -2. It's "obvious" that dazzled shouldn't stack with blinded even though the penalties aren't technically of the same type (-1 penalty to attack vs 50% miss chance) but that's something you/your GM just has to be smart about.

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