[RPG] Random Dungeon/Maze Generator


I'm looking for a good random dungeon/maze generator. Some key features I'd like it to have:

  • Can generate a regular maze (one entrance & exit, even passage width, every spot within the area is reachable)
  • Can create rooms within area. So passage ways suddenly open up to a room/cavern with only a couple entrances and any passages near the room wrap around the area like normal architecture.
  • Random doors
  • Points of interest (finding a pile of skulls, a water well, generic shrine, etc.)
  • Multiple level generator (including stair cases, holes in the floor/ceiling, etc.)
  • Being able to choose what features are used in the generation of the map.

Some nice features to have, but not required:

  • Secret doors/walls
  • Random encounter table
  • Treasure tables

Best Answer

There is Dizzy Dragon's generator which has a variety of layouts and is oriented to Moldavy B/x D&D.

There is Donjon's generator which has D&D 3.5 and D&D 4.0 options. But the layout are strictly room and corridor.

Both create the encounters for you. Of the two Dizzy Dragon is the best.