[RPG] Ranged attacks from hiding with Advantage


In D&D 5e, if you are attacking from hiding (successful stealth check) with a bow or spell, do you get advantage?

Assuming yes to the above, if during combat you successfully hide again (break line of sight and succeed on a stealth check), do you have advantage when attacking from hiding again?

Example: An archer is hidden in a building and tries to snipe at a target from the shadows of an open window. After the archer fires, he ducks back down trying to hide again (and perhaps even move to another window without being seen). He then tries to take another shot from the shadows.

For the sake of example, let's also assume the archer is a rogue and has cunning action to attack and hide in the same round.

Best Answer

When attacking unseen you do get advantage.

When a creature can't see you you have advantage on attack rolls against it. (PHB p.195)

If you successfully Hide again you get advantage when attacking again.

See above.

But it's really hard to Hide from something that's aware of you.

See the sidebar Hiding on p.177 of the PHB. It's not outright-forbidden, but it'll definitely be a GM ruling, as "in combat, most creatures stay alert for signs of danger all around...."