[RPG] Recommendations for a thrown weapon specialist


I'm looking for ideas for a reasonably competitive thrown weapon specialist build. I'm fine with not being 100% optimized, but not with a build that's notably inferior to an archer or melee fighter. Is such a thrown weapon build possible?


  • No magic (spells or items). This will be in a very low magic world (which in a way gets rid of one problem: needing to enchant so many weapons)
  • Ideally viable by at least 2nd level
  • Fine with multiclassing, archetypes, and with any Paizo material (including the Advanced Class Guide) …as long as it doesn't involve magic

Best Answer

I'd use a barbarian - Used a similar build like the following one.


  • Class: Hurler (Barbarian Archtype)
  • Race: Human (for the bonus feat)
  • Level: 2
  • STR: 15 / DEX: 16 (14+2 racial) / CON: 15 / INT: 12 / WIS: 13 / CHA: 10 (point buy 25)


  • Bonus feat: Throw Anything (no penalties with improvised ranged weapons - using a fork or a chair as a thrown weapon is awesome!)

  • Feat 1: Raging Hurler (can throw a two-handed weapon and double range increment whilst raging)

  • Alternate Feat 1: Point Blank Shot (for Precise Shot

Class Abilities

  • Skilled Thrower (10ft range increment for thrown weapons)
  • Rage
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Rage power: Hurling, lesser (throw objects one size category smaller than yourselfs as a full-round action, that be 2d6 + STR (small object falling damage). and you could apply power attack (if you would decide to take it))

Example attacks

non rage:

  • weapon: pilum
  • attack: +5 (3 dex + 2 bab)
  • damage: 1d8 + 2


  • weapon: dead goblin
  • attack: +5 (3 dex + 2 bab) (ranged touch attack)
  • damage: 2d6 + 4