[RPG] Reduce Size/ Polymorph into smaller creature wearing off in cramped space


One of my players asked me what would happen if while under a polymorph spell reducing your size it ran out while you were in a space too small for your normal size.

For example you polymorph into a mouse and run down a pipe. You can't make it out and the spell runs out. Assuming this pipe cannot burst open what happens to the character?

I am looking for a RAW answer but if one is not available a generally accepted house rule is acceptable.

Best Answer


In general you could assume that they are in a tight space (as per the escape artist skill).

If the will not physically fit into the space they are currently in I would go down one of two routes:

a) Have them return to the closest size they can, but be completely unable to move. The spell is jamming them against the available space. They will need to be rescued expand into any available space (making getting them out before they reach their normal size hard) Throw in some minor damage (to simulate being scraped along the surfaces as you expand) for good measure. Take care they do not use this to imprison enemies (or praise them if you think its clever). Otherwise...

b) I would treat it as if you had used dimension door and appeared in an occupied space. Shunt them to a place you deem appropriate.

If you expand in a place that is too small for your original size you take 1d6 points of damage and are shunted to a random open space on a suitable surface within 100 feet of the intended location.

If there is no free space within 100 feet, you take an additional 2d6 points of damage and are shunted to a free space within 1,000 feet. If there is no free space within 1,000 feet you die

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