[RPG] Removing an unreasonable number of curses


So, in my last session, my trusty Dwarf Fighter became cursed. He is currently afflicted with one hundred distinct polymorph curses. For both my sake and the DM's, how would he go about getting himself back to normal? If he purchased the use of a Remove Curse spell, would it remove all of them?

The current ruling is that I'd get another roll on the reincarnation table for each iteration of Remove Curse, but I wanted to get a second (or third/fourth/fith/etc opinion).

Best Answer

From the text from the Remove Curse spell, emphasis mine:

Remove curse can remove all curses on an object or a creature.

So barring DM Fiat, you should be fine purchasing one casting of the Remove Curse spell, provided the person you buy the spell from can meet the DC for the curse removal by caster level check about one hundred times. To completely remove all of the curses, you may have to have multiple castings on hand.

Each Remove Curse roll consists of a caster level check against the DC of that particular curse, so each time the spell is cast, a caster level check has to be rolled 100 times to determine exactly how many of the curses are removed.

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