[RPG] Resources containing practical, yet non-combat, non-adventuring D&D spells


Continuing the train of thoughts emerging from the discussion of this previous question (about magocracies and theocracies in DnD), I'd like to know if there are any good official or unofficial resources introducing practical, non-combat and non-adventuring focused spells for D&D (primarily for D&D3.5, but I'd be interested in other versions–even D&D4–too.)

It's quite understandable that the official rulebooks primarily concern themselves with combat and adventuring (since that's what the game is mostly about), yet it would be rather strange if clerics, wizards and other spellcasters in DnD worlds had no spells for other aspects of life as well, aside from those few – like Unseen Servant, for example (but even that might have combat uses) – listed in the books.

A few example fields in which spells would most likely exist (provided by relevant gods or having been developed by mages aiding communities): healthcare (childbirth), agriculture (blessing crops, livestock etc), architecture (strengthening structures), art (remember the moving paintings of the Harry Potter series? :)) and so on and so on.

Please do not answer with actual, single spell descriptions, provide links to online and/or printed, official or unofficial collections instead, if there are any.

Best Answer

For 3.5:

Keith Baker's The Gleaner offers an NPC class and spell list dedicated to making life easier for villagers.

For 4e:

This should be handled by Nature, Arcana, and Religion skill checks. The skills are designed to be "tossing around $type Magic for RPing purposes" and, as such, are perfect meta-spells. Whatever a character can imagine, the DM can assign a skill DC to, perhaps make a skill challenge of, and say "Go!" Unfortunately, many DMs subscribe to the "what is not written is forbidden" optional rule and well, life in those games sucks. For thoughts on how to use Arcana, here's an excellent resource.