[RPG] /roll formula for critical hit damage in roll20


I posted this over on the Roll20 support forums but I figured I'd ask here as well.

Basically I want to incorporate bonus damage dice in my attack macros. Right now I've got this line:

/roll 2d20k1+10
/roll 1d12+8

For one of my Avenger's attacks. basically I want to incorporate that 1d6, but only have it rolled and added to the attack damage total if the higher of the two d20s is a 20. I'm not sure how to do that (or if such a feature has really been implemented) and the built in exploding dice feature /roll 4d6! for example adds another die to the first roll of the same type on a crit, but doesn't seem to over any other application.

Best Answer

I think the best you're going to come up with at this time is to add a macro for your roll so

 /roll 2d20k1+10

And then a macro for each of your damage expressions, both the critical damage and also the normal damage so

 /roll 1d12+8


 /roll 20+1d6

You'll have to figure out when to roll which on your own.

The other option would be the set up your attack and regular damage as a macro and then have your critical damage as a second macro that you use to replace your normal damage roll in the even of a critical hit.

I still strongly recommend asking roll20 for native support, but this is a quick fix for now.

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