[RPG] Rounding up/down when using levels to determine number of uses of an ability


For abilities that read "[a character] can use this ability one additional time per day for every n [class] levels he possesses", does one round up or down?

Example: Rogue Ability Honeyed Words from the Advanced Player's Guide (not to be confused with the trait of the same name) says it is allowed one additional use per day for every 5 rogue levels. So, if I'm level 6 is that 1 use or 2 per day?

Best Answer

In Pathfinder, unless otherwise specified, all rounding rounds down. The cited rogue ability does not specify otherwise. It does, however, specify one use baseline, plus an additional one use per 5 levels. Therefore, a level 6 rogue would get 1 additional use per day based on her level, for a total of 2 uses per day.

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