[RPG] shoot an enethe through a keyhole or small crack of a door with sharpshooter


In a game last week there were two enemies trying to break down a door to get to us. We were at the end of the hall and our Sharpshooter archery Ranger was trying to hit them through a small crack in the door that they made. Is this possible, and if so, what type of penalties would occur? Would that be considered 3/4 cover?

Best Answer

Yes, you can shoot

You don't need sharpshooter to do this, either.

Cover is covered on page 196 of the PHB, and states (emphasis mine):

A target with three-quarters cover has a +5 bonus to AC and Dexterity saving throws. A target has three-quarters cover if about three-quarters of it is covered by an obstacle. The obstacle might be a portcullis, an arrow slit, or a thick tree trunk.

As long as that opening is equivalent to an arrow slit, then 3/4 cover and +5 bonus to AC is how you would adjudicate that scenario.

To give some direction here, arrows slits are typically about 2" in width from the exterior.

If it is smaller than a standard arrow slit, you could increase the AC bonus further, but that would be up to the DM whether or not they'd allow the action itself at that point.