[RPG] Should a high elf wizard use weapons instead of cantrips


As a new DM I'm running my first adventure for my kids (Lost Mine of Phandelver). My daughter took the high elf wizard and she was wondering whether she should use weapons instead of her cantrips when she runs out of spell slots.

Indeed, high elf being proficient with weapons, she could use a bow that does 1d8+2, adding also the modifier to the attack roll, or a sword instead of shocking grasp for example… When cantrips don't get any modifiers.

Not really sure what to tell her. Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

You don’t give us a criterion for “should”

If your criterion is damage potential - maybe. The long bow has a higher average damage on a hit than a Fire Bolt (6.5 vs 5.5). However, if her Intelligence bonus is better than her Dexterity bonus then the bow will miss more often. Where the crossover point on damage output is depends on the difference in the bonus and the AC of the target.

If your criterion is looking like a bad-ass wizard shooting fire from your fingers, then no.

If your criterion is looking like a bad-ass elf sniping foes with her ancestral weapon, then yes.

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