[RPG] Should I allow Prestidigitation to ignite Grease (the game allows the Grease to be flammable)


In 3.5 Prestidigitation is used mostly as a "flavor" spell. However, I noticed that in Next they added a new use for it.

You instantaneously light or snuff out a candle, a
torch, or a small campfire.

PHB 267, under the uses of Prestidigitation.

Now given the flammable nature of Grease in our game, can Prestidigitation actually be used to ignite the Grease?

I'm currently DMing the game and my player pointed this out. Currently mulling to rule that it won't but I don't like shutting down ideas like this without a better reason than just "I don't like it".

Best Answer

For a strict rules-as-written interpretation, I would say it cannot unless the area of effect of the grease spell includes a candle or torch on the ground, or an extinguished campfire. Prestidigitation doesn't say anything about lighting any flammable object (like Pathfinder's spark cantrip), it specifically says a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.

But really, you're the DM. You're the one that made grease inflammable, you should decide how that changes other spell interactions with it. By a strict reading of the rules, though, prestidigitation cannot light anything except candles, torches, and campfires.