[RPG] Should one buy the Pathfinder book when the content is available for free on d20pfsrd.com


Does the Pathfinder core rulebook contain any information that is not included already on www.d20pfsrd.com that would make it worth it to buy the PDF version of the manual? Or does it only have extra descriptive text?

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Because of the nature of the rulebook, it includes things that are not part of the SRD. The website, while it contains a lot of the core rules, does not include all of the information that is laid out in the Core rulebook (Like the specific rules on how to make a character step-by-step, for example).

The d20pfsrd.com contains a vast wealth of information from the core books and is updated regularly, but I would not consider it a replacement for the core rules. It'd be like trying to play a FATE based game by just using the Spirit of The Century SRD.

Additionally, while d20pfsrd.com is very well maintained by a group of extremely dedicated volunteers, it occasionally has errors (which are typically corrected very quickly, but occur none-the-less).

Slightly off topic, but still relevant: By purchasing the Rulebook, you support Paizo, and thus make more core Pathfinder material possible.

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