[RPG] Show off your Character Sheet Designs


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This is a chance to show off the great character sheets you have created.


  • 1 Character sheet per answer
  • Only character sheets you have designed.
    • This means you are welcome to post Professional Sheets, if you are the professional who created them
    • You are welcome to post sheets that you created for a RPG that you did not create. (Eg your customised dnd 3.5 sheet)

Post should contain:

  • Image of character sheet (screen capture is fine for electronic sheets)
    • Resize to the Large Thumbnail size (max size in any dimension of 1024), by adding l to the url before the file extension (see here)
    • Preferably only a single image.
  • a link to a full version of the sheet (so it can be viewed at its full glory)
    • For sheets made for printing, a pdf is great
    • For others this might be a downloadable excel file or a website to view.
    • If this is impossible, describe as such in your post.
  • A paragraph describing how it was made.
  • A paragraph describing what makes it good.

Best Answer

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder

This character sheet doesn’t come in “blank” versions so I have to show an example character. Say hi to Vance from a Pathfinder game I was in.

Thumbnail of Vance Highwind character sheet

Link to example character sheet

How it was made

The sheet is a webpage written in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To create a new character, I just copy the code and edit it as appropriate; there is no “user-friendly” version that can be edited through a web-page for example.

What makes it great

That said, the sheet is extremely feature-complete. I have written code to handle all sorts of different types of magic, which can be plugged in as I like. It handles arbitrary amounts of multiclassing, and does all the math for me.

I also really like that it puts the character’s backstory right there next to all his stats. Typical web-based character sheets put it at the bottom of the page, which is annoying when you’re looking for exactly that.

But if those were all it did, it would just be a customized version of any typical web-based character sheet, with a bit more flexibility because I’ve written up versions for so many different classes.

But the really important, “killer” features are what it does for you. I mentioned that it does the math for me. What I mean is that it keeps track of, and displays, each and every bonus, its source and type, and applies accurate bonus stacking rules, to every single number on the page. Simply hovering over any number that has a bonus applied to it results in a tooltip detailing all the bonuses. For example:

Close-up of the bonuses to AC tooltip

In addition, the sheet has the full text of each option that I use, for reference purposes, but hidden away until the option is clicked on. For example, when I click on my encouraging roar maneuver, I see this:

Close-up of expanded maneuver

These two features make it massively easier to keep track of everything going on with a character, and provide excellent sanity-checking on combining different features, both in terms of doing the math for you and keeping all the text nearby.

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