[RPG] Software for adding atmosphere via music and sounds


Currently I am collecting some music and sounds for an upcoming D&D campaign. It would be simple to set up an iPod with speakers for managing the music, but I want both music and a sound board of sound effects which are gathered by me.

How can I play the tracks effectively? I am looking for a simple solution which lets me use both music and those sound effects. Android, iOS, or PC(Windows or Ubuntu) solutions would work though mobility is still undetermined.

Also simplicity beats complexity.

Best Answer

I wrote an application for doing this kind of thing: RPG Ambience. It's an HTML5 app that works in at least the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

At this point it's intended to be controlled with the keyboard, which is pretty handy and fast if you have a limited selection of sounds. I'm working on a visual playback interface that will be helpful when you have too many sounds to easily memorize keyboard shortcuts for all of them.

Right now all files are imported into and stored locally in your browser. Integration with Google Drive will soon be available, though.

Playing sound effects over the music would involve putting all sound effects on the foreground layer, so that they don't interrupt the music that is currently playing.