[RPG] Solo or 2 player adventures for 5e


I'm looking for solo or 2 player adventures for D&D 5e that I can play just with me and my wife. They can be free or paid, and from the publisher or indie. Ideally I'd like to play as well (in which case I might both play and DM) — I doubt it would be as fun to just have one DM and one player, but I don't want to dismiss the idea.

Does anyone know of any adventures like this, or know of any that can be easily adapted to 2 player for 5e?

Best Answer

The nice thing about D&D 5th edition is that you can readily use material for older editions by replacing the stats with their 5th edition version.

The best I currently know of are the One on One adventure series put out by Expeditious Retreat Press, originally written for D&D3e.

You can buy them in PDF from RPGNow.

There is a compendium of the first eleven products.