[RPG] Spell/Ability Summary Printouts for D&D 5th Ed


In 4th ed, WotC's character manager printed out character sheets with these awesome spell summary cards. They also had similar summary cards for monsters for the DM. I checked around the site, but unless I just missed it, they don't seem to have anything like that for 5th edition. Does anyone know if there are good options? Even if it was only a PDF template I could fill in and print out.

Best Answer

The only official product of this type is the spellbook cards from Gale Force 9. I just got mine (literally yesterday), and they seem pretty good. Some of the more complicated spells have an incomplete summary and a reference to the PHB, and I have heard complaints about them online.

Anything else you might be able to find that includes the full text of spells is probably an illegal product, which I did find some of but I'm not going to link or recommend here.

This site offers 5e card templates, which I haven't tried, but they look pretty good if you're willing to do the work of filling them in. Alternatively, it wouldn't be too difficult to make up your own very basic template along similar lines - it might not look as pretty, but it's free.

This is incredibly ugly (I'm not a graphic designer), but it took me less than 5 minutes to make and cost me nothing. If you're already looking at filling your cards out yourself, this really isn't much extra work.

Homemade spell card

Or if you want to be fancy and have the available resources, you could re-skin the 4e power cards (example below). Depending on how you do it, this does take a little bit of time though, at least initially.

Re-skinned 4e power card