[RPG] spell managing program/app for D&D 3.5e?


I'm playing a necromancer wizard in a D&D 3.5e game via Roll20.

I've found that it's very tedious to manage and choose my spells because I have to look in the list of the wizard/sorcerer spells that is sorted by level and for every spell, go and find it in the alphabetical list of every spell in the entire game to see if I want it or not and then write it down in a text document or something.

Is there a more streamlined way to manage my spellbook?

Best Answer


Spellbook - D&D 3.5 is a free app that allows you to lookup spell descriptions and create custom lists of your spells. It includes all spells from 3.5 SRD. Very useful.


d20 SRD 3.5 Spell List is a free app (in Beta however) it lists your spells per day and allows you to organise them into ones known.

Spellforge is an excel based system for spell management. Also available in 4.0 and Pathfinder flavours. (Site down as of Dec. 2014, but the Internet Archive hosts an archive of the Spellforge download.)

Slightly tangentially, but usefully, for Pathfinder:


Pathfinder Spellbook I have found to be invaluable for looking up spell info during game; again it allows you to create a "favourites" list so you don't have to keep searching for individual spells by level.