[RPG] Stacking two different weapon buffs


With the 5th Edition Unearthed Arcana Mystic Class one of the classes has the Hone the Blade ability to give its weapon a +4 to attack and damage rolls and it remains non-magical. Also with the Psionics Weapon (Augmented Weapon) discplines you can make a weapon you're holding magical with a +3 to attack and damage rolls.

My main DM is saying they cannot stack on top one another because a rule I'm not seeing in PHB, but I'm not able to look into any of the other books to try to find this information. Can I get some help with this?

Best Answer

They should stack.

Assuming you are using version 3 of the Mystic Class the +3 ability is Psionic Weapon:Augmented Weapon, and the +4 is Hone the Blade class feature of Order of the Soul Knife, I see nothing immediately that would preclude you from stacking these bonuses. It would cost you 12 points, and the former is a 7 pt ability, meaning you would not be able to use it until 9th level.

Your DM may be thinking of the rule about figuring things like Armor Class, where you can only have one formula, and you can choose the more favorable one. In general, in 5th Edition, Formulas may be used once, but bonuses do indeed, stack.