[RPG] Starting at a higher level


In a campaign I will be playing in soon, we are starting with 10k experience apiece (this is to have a higher-stakes campaign, and the reason we get a set amount of xp instead of levels is that different classes take different amounts of xp to reach the same level). Is there a guideline to how much money and how many magic items we should receive?

Note: At the moment, we are using a provisional rule of 1k gc and 1k experience worth of magic items, with more for different classes. Official guidelines would be better though.

Best Answer

Nope. Guidelines for how wealthy or magic-powered PCs were didn't really become important until 3e introduced a system that cared about balance enough to need official guidelines. In 2e, everyone just winged it and it worked fine.

Your provisional rule is pretty much how it was always done: pick some numbers, play! The actual numbers picked are pretty much a matter of taste, reflecting how much or how little magic and money you want to be laying around at the start. Go for it!