[RPG] Substitution for Animate Dead for different undead


In the Tales from the Yawning Portal, they introduced a variety of new undead creatures and future adventure Tomb of Annihilation may also introduce more types of undead. However, reading the Tales from the Yawning Portal on page 236 contains the Giant Skeleton which relates to a past question I had regarding Animating undead creatures beyond the spells restrictions?
Now that a Giant Skeleton is considered official content I was wondering if it was possible to control this creature somehow using the spell Animate Dead (or possibly Create Undead).

Some ideas to I was working with was comparing challange rating to regular skeletons and establising to control a Giant Skeleton you must sacrifice a certain number of Skeletons equal to the Giant Skeleton's CR which is a CR of 7 or 2900 XP. For standard scaled CR that would be 15 skeletons needed to control a Giant Skeleton or considering soley XP, that would be 50 Skeleton's needed to control a Giant Skeleton. This way it would be possible to control other undead such as the MM Crawling Claw just by scaling these values.

So would a system like this sound balanced and fair? If not what other systems could allow a necromancer to control different types of undead such as the new Giant Skeleton in the Tales from the Yawning Portal?

Best Answer

Spells do exactly what they say they do. The animate dead spell is a third level spell that animates a single medium or small humanoid corpse/pile of bones into a single undead creature. At higher spell levels, it creates two additional undead per level, but each undead must come from a separate corpse or pile of bones.

What you're proposing is some way to animate a large or larger, possibly non-humanoid creature (for example a giant), from a single corpse/pile of bones by effectively casting animate dead as if you were casting it on multiple corpses/piles of bones. That's not what the spell does and therefore you can't do it this way.

As answered in your previous question, there is still no way to do this officially. You're entirely in the realm of homebrew. One possible solution would be to create a separate spell of higher level that can animate larger corpses/piles of bones, in a way similar to how the dominate group of spells allow control of increasingly more powerful groups of creatures.