[RPG] Survivability with multiple Warding Bonds


This question is a follow up of This Question concerning casting Warding Bond on multiple allies. It was found that This Tweet confirmed my suspicions that it is possible, given a separate pair of rings for each separate creature I want to effect when I cast Warding Bond, to share damage with multiple allies.

Now that we know this is possible, I am curious as to the nature of the survivability of my level 5 Hill Dwarf War Cleric using the Tough feat and taking the average HP every level up for a current total of 53 HP.

My party consists currently of myself (War Cleric), a Life Cleric (also a Hill Dwarf), a Rogue, 2 weapon Fighter, and a Warlock. Next session we will be joined by a Wizard. We are at a static level 5.

The rogue is wearing the matching ring of my first pair of Platinum Rings that are required to cast the spell.

It is safe to assume the more simultaneous bonds I have active at any given moment, the lower my survival rate becomes. Sharing 1/2 damage from multiple sources is bound to be hazardous since there is no way to reduce that damage even farther.

How thin can I spread myself without being suicidal?

Best Answer

Warding Bond ends if it is cast on either creature a second time.

All of this would be math is pointless.

Read. Your. Spells. People.

Warding bond says:

The spell ends if you drop to 0 hit points or if you and the target become separated by more than 60 feet. It also ends if the spell is cast again on either of the connected creatures.

If you have cast Warding Bond and someone cast Warding Bond on either you or the target of your casting, then the casting of Warding Bond by you is ended.

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