[RPG] swap weapons and change the grip when using two-weapon fighting


After a fiery dispute with another player about why you shouldn't be able to cheese a magus to both use spell combat and 2-handed attack with only 2 arms, I came up with an equivalent for non-magic user:

  1. Wield a one-handed weapon in primary hand and a spiked gauntlet in the offhand.
  2. Use full-round action for two-weapon fighting.
  3. Change grip to wield the weapon two-handed with offhand as well.
  4. Attack with the weapon, using 1.5 strength modifier.
  5. Drop it as a free action.
  6. Use Quick-draw to draw another one-handed weapon with offhand, as a free action.
  7. Change grip with primary hand to wield it two-handed, as a free action.
  8. Make another 2-handed attack with 1.5 strength modifier.
  9. Repeat on every turn until you run out of weapons.
  10. Spend an hour collecting your weapons after every encounter.

By common sense, it shouldn't be allowed, but I want to know which exact rules forbid doing this.

Is this sequence of events allowed by the game's rules?

Best Answer

The Hands of Effort FAQ is what ultimately forbids this.

Armor Spikes: Can I use two-weapon fighting to make an "off-hand" attack with my armor spikes in the same round I use a two-handed weapon?

Likewise, you couldn't use an armored gauntlet to do so, as you are using both of your hands to wield your two-handed weapon, therefore your off-hand is unavailable to make any attacks.

When you wield a weapon in 2 hands, you are considered to have both hands occupied for fighting. Therefore, you cannot use two-weapon fighting by releasing one hand and drawing another weapon or using an armor spike (or some other method).