[RPG] Tabletop Player Styles


There are various types of tabletop player, such as the rule-lawyer and the power gamer. What are other kinds that you know of?

The lurker is generally a player who attends a session, participates in a minimal fashion and is usually gaining enjoyment simply by hanging out with other people to see how the game goes.

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There are a bunch of different answers to this question. There have been a number of efforts at codifying "types of players" over time. Robin Laws' Guide to Good Gamemastering has one, an old WotC customer survey has one, the old "threefold model" was an attempt at a more serious one...

Many RPG books also do this - especially DMGs of various stripe. It depends why you're segmenting the players.

  1. For grins - just Google all the various "what kind of roleplayer" quizzes to get a bunch of humorous categorizations.

  2. As a GM, to determine what motivates your players

  3. As a game designer, to figure out what people will respond to in products