[RPG] Team cleric, team warrior, team mage


In D&D 3.5 I was part of a group of players who decided to play homogeneous groups. We found a team of four clerics to be very balanced and able to carry on regardless of the problem at hand. After we finished the campaign, we started speculating on homogeneous groups made either of warriors, rogues, bards, or mages, but we quickly realized how difficult would be to guarantee a successful campaign. Any group of warriors would be hosed by a charm from the first low-level enchanter passing by. Any group of mages would be dead meat in front of the first golem, or anything dealing enough damage. Any group of bards would be dead before morning.

What strategies, artifacts or "out-of-rule" tricks would you use to balance a homogeneous group of each class so that they can reasonably walk through a campaign with the same efficiency and chance of a team of clerics ?

Best Answer

I think that if you played a homogeneous team, you'd have to run them through adventures that matched the team. Team rogue would be pulling off con jobs and other thievery related adventures. Team mage would probably be embroiled in political intrigue and would be in situations where they were pitted against other mages, perhaps in ritualistic situations. Team fighter would need to be in a low magic campaign, or you'd have to have many different ways to hose a mage before they could cast their spells (slow casting time, few area effect spells, etc.)

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