[RPG] the Aasimar Trait


I make my first PF2e character and choose an Aasimar Heritage.

Now they write in the description:

You gain the aasimar trait, in addition to the traits from
your ancestry.

But I cannot find an Aasimar Trait anywhere. Could anyone help me where to find it?

Best Answer

Traits are (mostly) descriptors.

Specifically, "Aasimar" is an Ancestry Trait.

These descriptors have no mechanical benefit, but they’re important for determining how certain spells, effects, and other aspects of the game interact with your character.

Essentially, if an effect says that it only affects Aasimar or doesn't affect Aasimar, that's how you 'tell' if it works.

In addition to defining Traits, such as ancestry, class, and energy types, there are a handful of Traits that have rules associated with them. The most obscure ones that are often relevant are Incapacitation and Focused, although there are also Action/Activity Traits that are usually defined where needed (such as in the Class section) such as Flourish, Open, and Press.