[RPG] the advantage of casting the Light cantrip on an object an enethe is wearing or holding


The cantrip light (PHB, p. 255) says that it casts a "bright light". It also states that:

If you target an object held or worn by a hostile creature, that creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw to avoid the spell.

Why would there be specific text directly dealing with casting it on an enemy unless there was some benefit? I was thinking that the spell could either;

  1. temporarily cause the blinded condition


  2. have a similar effect to the Help action and allow an ally to gain advantage on their next attack roll against that enemy.

Either way, I would assume a glowing object would at least give my allies a bonus to see the enemy and make it near-impossible for the enemy to hide while holding or wearing a "bright light."

Best Answer

This is merely giving an unwilling creature a chance to not be affected by a spell.

It does not do anything special by default.

However, for some creatures, it may end up providing disadvantage. Many creatures who are native to dark areas do have disadvantage when they are in bright light.

It may also help if you are trying to remain hidden. If you are in the dark, and your enemy is in the light, then he is visible and you are not.

Again, this is trying to prevent this spell from being overpowered. All it's doing is providing the enemy with an opportunity to avoid the effects (being lit up like a Christmas tree). There is no default benefit here.

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