[RPG] the best first adventure to run in D&D 4e


I am very new to Dungeons and Dragons 4e. I recently picked all the necessary books and surprisingly low priced pound of dice from eBay. I have also coaxed my friends into giving it a shot while I attempt to better my skills before jumping into D&D encounters at a local game shop here in Arizona.

What do you think would be the best adventure to start out with?

Homebrew? Keep on the Shadowfell? Please let me know what you think.

Best Answer

Given the following assumptions:

  • You have engaged in RPing before
  • You want to learn combat
  • Your friends have also RPed
  • You own a copy of the DMG

My recommendation is to not actually start out with an adventure. It sounds like your primary intent here is to learn the combat system. In the back of the DMG, there are descriptions of how to build a random dungeon and how to build random encounters. If you and four of your friends can create an adventuring party, you may learn the combat system (in quite an entertaining way, I must say, having done so myself) through a random dungeon and random encounters in said dungeon. Someone may choose to control the monsters every round, and it's worthwhile to have the duty of controlling them rotate around the people who are willing: that way everyone can start modelling in their head how monsters think and operate.

Once you've gotten a handle on the monsters and combat, then is the time to run adventures. My recommendation would be to use the chaos scar adventures and encounters from DDI, as they represent much later adventure design and this design will be similiar to that run in D&D Encounters at a game shop. Once you've run through those, test your skills with a fourthcore run of the "FourthCore Weekly Grind" which can teach you really important lessons about manipulating and using your environment that can be quite applicable in an Encounters game.

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