[RPG] the best way to determine Overland Speed


I'm running an adventure that centers around a race, and I want to use the overland speed between scenes as a scoring mechanism. What is the best way to determine overland speed in D&D 4e? The players are likely to be outfitted with either light riding horses or warhorses, and the terrain is desert. Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

The D&D 4th Edition rules for Overland Speed essentially breaks down to this:

1 unit of speed = 5 mi/day, 0.5 MPH, or 50 ft/min.

The D&DI Compendium references PHB page 283, with the following chart:

Speed Per Day Per Hour Per Minute
5 25 miles 2½ miles 250 ft.
6 30 miles 3 miles 300 ft.
7 35 miles 3½ miles 350 ft.

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