[RPG] the best way to plan out traps in dungeons?


In 3e, traps had CRs (I believe) but in 5e they are now classified as setback, dangerous, and deadly. Given a random dungeon, how do you DMs plan out traps based on the party's level? Is there a good rule of thumb way similar to experience point budgets? I'm new to DMing and don't want to murder the party with traps.

Best Answer

I would highly recommend the AngryGM article here.

Having traps for trap's sake is a bad idea and doesn't lend itself to organic flow. As AngryGM details they should be logically placed for a reason, either to funnel enemies to a desired location or path or to delay them long enough for a response. I warn you it is a long read but well worth it for newer DMs.

I personally use traps (depending on the creature that set them) to delay or harass a party, to use up a bit of their resources and soften them up before a combat encounter. Makes the party think a bit more about whether they should engage or fall back and try another approach.

Unearthed Arcana also published some testing material that I have found useful as well on designing and placing of traps.

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