[RPG] the earliest that a PC can gain invisibility


What is the earliest level that a player character (PC) can gain the ability to become invisible without the aid of external items/scrolls/etc.?

Best Answer

Level 1

Vanish is a spell that Wizards, Bards, Magi, and Psychics can use. Because it's a level 1 spell, all those classes can cast it at level 1 to become invisible for 1 round.

That's not for long, but Arcanists, for example, can boost this spell with Arcane Reservoir if they want to prolong it, perhaps becoming invisible for 3 rounds. If you build for it, for example, if you take the Spell Specialization and Spell Focus feats and combine it with the Potent Magic Arcanist Exploit, you can reach maximum duration right at level 1, and become invisible for 5 rounds. I don't know why one would do that, but you might be interested that it's at least possible.