[RPG] the fastest way to earn money without adventuring


What is the fastest way to earn money outside of adventuring?

Our DM is putting us into a war and we have to prepare for said war. We have X amount of time (not known) to make money and then we make the purchases with the money. We already have armor and weapons. I need the money to buy components and parts for constructs I am going to build for the war.

I have the Leadership feat with a score of 25 meaning I have the following followers.

Lvl 1: 135
Lvl 2: 13
Lvl 3: 7
Lvl 4: 4
Lvl 5: 2
Lvl 6: 2

What is the best way I could assign them to crafting themed or non-adventuring tasks to make money?

My character is a cleric with +30 on Craft (Weapons) rolls, +24 on Craft (Armor) rolls and +16 on untrained Craft rolls.

Best Answer

The obvious answer here is crafting. Your character and the underlings can earn a simple amount of money every week.

Note that you don't actually need to roll anything. Everyone can simply "take 10" and you get a static number for "gold per week".

But if you want to make big bucks in the Pathfinder world, you make magic items. A magic item crafter can create 1000gp worth of items each day. They have to provide 500gp in components, but that's still 500gp / profit / day of successful magical crafting. This isn't absolute, as scrolls seem to generate a little less per day.

But Craft wondrous item is available at 3rd level and many items can be "auto-crafted" with a simple "take 10".

Now, you have a lot of high level "minions" available via leadership. If you have not fleshed these out a little, now might be the time. Honestly, if I had a bunch of 4/5/6th level minions, they would all be Wizards and Clerics with magical item crafting feats. In fact, you're a Cleric, I would expect your highest-level followers to be other Clerics.

In any case, these followers can be outputting 500gp / day in net profits. And all of those lower level followers can be scribing scrolls of Cure Light Wounds for 10s of gold / day.

If this sounds a little absurd it kind of is. Pathfinder really breaks down when it comes to magic items and economics. On the other hand, crafting magic items is "where the money's at". Adventuring is fun, but it's high risk and it can have really crummy payoffs. Those who don't want to test their luck at adventuring are probably out there churning out magic items.