[RPG] The GM disagrees that Black Lotus Extract should require two saves


I am an alchemist level 10, and I used Malignant Poison on my Black Lotus Extract so it has DC 24 and takes two consecutive saves to end.

When I affected an enemy with it, my GM succeeded the 1st save and failed the other one. However he didn't agree to take the poison damage because “it doesn't make sense that it has two saves.”

This is clearly not following the rules for Black Lotus Extract. How do I convince the GM that it should work the way it says it works?

Best Answer

Malignant poison reads

As a full-round action, the alchemist can increase the save DC of any poison by 4 and increase its duration by 2 frequency increments (for example, large scorpion venom lasts 8 rounds instead of 6 and drow poison lasts 4 minutes instead of 2). Additionally, malignant poisons take effect immediately and do not have an onset time. This alchemical change lasts until the poison's extended duration ends or for a number of minutes equal to the alchemist's level, whichever comes first. After that, the poison reverts back to its original state.

Black Lotus extract reads

Type poison (contact); Save Fortitude DC 20

Onset 1 minute; Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds

Effect 1d6 Con damage; Cure 2 consecutive saves

So based on the rules as written, The save of the poison would be DC24, it would last a total of 8 rounds instead of six, doesn't have an onset time, and stays this way until a number of minutes equal to the alchemist level, after which it turns back into a regular poison.

In order to cure the poison Black Lotus extract requires two consecutive saves. If someone affected by it makes the first but fails the second, the poison stays in effect until they make both saves consecutively.

You need to talk to your GM and explain your reasoning behind taking Malignant poison, tell him your intentions, what it does, and how poison works as a whole. Show him poisons that have similar statuses and also require two saves. You should also mention that if you knew how he was initially going to treat poison and that he wasn't going to follow the rules as written that you likely would have never chosen the ability to amplify poison in the first place.

If he considers all this one of two things will happen, he'll either let you re-choose another alchemist discovery and play will proceed on from there or he'll use poisons correctly and from that point on anytime you use such an expensive poison that does have multiple saves as its cure condition he'll be aware of its usage and can compensate during play.

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