[RPG] the most damaging one handed melee weapon


I'm looking for the most damaging weapon (meaning does the most damage to HP on a successful hit) that can be wielded in one hand. I am looking for an answer for both magical and mundane weapons. The only stipulations I have are that it must lack the two-handed property and must be found in one of the sourcebooks on D&D Beyond that isn't listed as an adventure. The ability modifier doesn't matter because I will be overriding that with my CHA mod anyway.

For mundane weapons the best I've found is a rapier or other weapon with equivalent damage (1d8) but I'm not sure if there's another, more damaging one. Also, the lance does not count because the only way to wield it one handed is to be mounted.

My intent is to have a character (hexblade warlock X / two weapon fighter 2) wielding the weapons. The mundane weapon is for the levels before I can easily get magic items and so I can conjure at least one to be my pact weapon for Pact of the Blade.

Best Answer

For mundane weapons, you have already found the answer.

  • @Eternallord66 points out that warhammers would be a "best" choice, or flails; there are 12 monsters vulnerable to bludgeoning damage, 0 vulnerable to slashing damage, and 0 vulnerable to mundane piercing damage.

For magical weapons: a moonblade that has multiple runes on it and a Rod of Lordly Might.

Since the history and runic additions for a given moonblade are completely at the mercy of the DM who has that weapon in their world, two +3 warhammers/longswords/rapiers/battlezses would seem to be a more "practical" max since attunement to the weapons is not required.

But, if you have access to magical items that are "legendary" in your campaign ...

A more "practical" answer: a Rod of Lordly Might and a +3 weapon

If you push button two, you'd get two +3 weapons.
If you push botton one, you'd get a flame tongues which each do 2d6 additional damage, and your +3 weapon. The flame tongue adds seven damage on average unless the target is fire immune/resistant.

The above does not rely on the "how many previous owners" problem that the moonblade answer does.

Could you use a Flame Tongue and a Rod of Lordly Might together?

Technically yes. You can push button two to get a second flame tongue from the Rod, and end up with two flame tongues. Even though you are attuned to what looks like two flame tongues, you are actually attuned to a flame tongue and a rod of Lordly Might.

If you can find them, you want a Rod of Lordly Might and a Flame Tongue

(Longsword or rapier for the flame tongue so that it's one handed)

Thanks to @V2Blast for reminding me that you can't attune to two copies of the same weapon