[RPG] the most effective healing class in D&D 4e


There are many Leader role classes in D&D4.0 these days.

  • Cleric
  • Warlord
  • Bard
  • Shaman
  • etc

Which one makes the most effective healer by the numbers?

Numbers to be evaluated

  • Hit points healed per turn.
  • Hit points healed per encounter.

Feel free to provide one per tier if it differs significantly (all should be in one answer).

Best Answer

That is a very hard question to answer, because it depends on tier and what you mean by the numbers. However, here are my leading candidates.

  • Cleric. The cleric has more utility heals than any other class, and its heals are bigger. You can't overestimate the power of adding the Wisdom modifier to most of your heals, plus the cleric has an at-will that heals, which is unique to that class. When you want to bring someone from bloodied to full hit points in one go, you want the cleric.
  • Warlord. The warlord's heals aren't as big, but if you take the Fight On paragon tier feat you can pump out four Inspiring Words an encounter by level 16; this is good flexibility.
  • Bard. The bard's heals aren't particularly big either, but a valorous bard produces a ridiculous amount of temps -- particularly if she's a tiefling with the Stirring Song of Baator feat and a flaming weapon. And the great thing about temps is that they're not wasted if someone at full health receives them.
  • Shaman. You want to go Protector Spirit for best effect; your heals are, again, not huge but you can heal multiple people at once with flexibility no other class can match.

To summarize: clerics win for huge single-target healing. Warlords probably have the most stamina. Bards are right up there with warlords, albeit via temps rather than pure heals; and shamans are unmatched for party healing.

(And of course, there's nothing wrong with the ardent or the runepriest. Runepriests give really good buffs to their party, which is the other half of the leader's role; ardents have a superb range of at-wills and also grant temps rather easily. A well-played leader speeds up combat by buffing allies along with healing.)

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