[RPG] The other players in the D&D party keep ignoring me. How to get the other players and DM to consider the input equally


I wanna preface this whole thing by saying that some of my party get along well and interact with the story – not to mention that outside of the campaign, I get along great with the other players. They're all my good friends! I also wanna say that I love the people I play with in this campaign and I know my DM doesn't mean to just focus on them… At least I hope not. However, I don't know what to do at this point and I'm hoping to find some advice.

I joined a campaign with some friends of mine about a year ago! We play every week and recently I had to swap characters. I decided to play a Ranger as my new character and I thought all would be well! I decided my backstory with my DM, went through everything I needed to and joined the party. All was well… For a little bit. But then the other players refused to ever ask for my input, ignoring that I'm there most of the time.

The DM focuses every session on a different player (we have 6) and for 2 months I haven't gotten focus, not even once. I feel kind of unwanted and each session is just a frustrating mix of being talked over by the mightier than thou players who yell over me and ignore me and not getting to do anything because everyone ignores my input. The Bard is the only one who interacts with me, and that's because our characters knew each other before I joined the group.

Example of what happens: We got dragged into helping this guy get artifacts from a king. I never agreed to put in my money to buy them, because I want nothing to do with this shady guy! However, the DM and players put me down as putting in my money, and when I tried to correct them, they spoke over me and kept going.

What I've Tried:

  • I've taken the initiative by talking to the players first, trying to start conversation.
  • I talked to the DM about that concern; he said he'd try and include me more but nothing has changed.
  • I tried correcting players when they talk over me; they still do it.

I'm not saying I'm a perfect player or that I'd like to be special… But I'd like to be at least treated equally to the other players.

How can I get the other players and DM to consider my input equally?

Best Answer

I have a similar situation in my group; I feel that a lot of the time, I get spoken over the top of, and my input is ignored, even to the point where I might come up with something, and they'll ignore me, and continue the conversation to the same point, and come up with the same thing I just suggested 2 minutes prior.

It is frustrating, and disheartening.

You have mentioned that the issue is apparently tied to your character's boldness in conversation (in your comment);

This was an issue with my previous character as well :( though it wasn't as bad as he was louder, but this one is a lot quieter so he's even more easily spoken over.

I take it that you mean that your RP is having an effect on this issue. You play your character as louder, and therefore you get an input, because you cannot be ignored. You play your character quieter, and it is easily overlooked.

I would suggest talking to the entire group about this, to work out a way forward. It might be that the rest of the group are actually getting excitable about a situation, and can often get "tunnel vision", only seeing their own input in the story. It could be that they are simply playing the characters as loud and deaf, so that they simply cannot hear you. Either way, this is something you need to address with the whole group.

Some suggestions on how to manage this might be the use of an object - a spoon or a ball or something like that - the person that has the ball is the one that is speaking - any one else has to wait their turn. This is a good management tool for everyone to learn to pay attention to everyone in the group.

The important thing to remember is that these games are meant to be fun for everyone, and if the others aren't making it fun for you, something needs to change.

An important note: I should also say that I feel this situation is going to require someone takes responsibility for enforcing whatever practice you take. Again, when you find a solution, perhaps suggest that the GM takes responsibility for this - remind the players that you are using the "talking stick", or to pull players up when they speak over the top of others; "Dave, Johnny was talking. When he's done you can contribute."