[RPG] the purpose of Finesse Rogue when core rules state a rogue can take any feat naturally


I am rather new to PathFinder and 3.5 in general. I am playing a rogue and running through all the rogue feats I can take and when I came up to Finesse Rogue

Finesse Rogue: Gain Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.

I found this confusing since at the end of the rogue feats list is states:

Feat: A rogue may gain any feat that she qualifies for in place of a rogue talent.

What would be the reason to take Finesse Rogue at all? If I want Weapon Finesse I would just take it at the rogue feat time.

I am sure I am just missing something that makes it more important to take it as Finesse Rogue, I am just not seeing it…


Best Answer

I don't have the sourcebook in front of me, but looking at the online d20pfsrd here, Finesse Rogue is a basic level Rogue Talent, which become available for taking at 2nd level. The 'Feat' Rogue Talent is listed as an 'Advanced Talent', which isn't available until 10th level. So when a rogue is 10th level, yes, the 'Feat' talent makes the 'Finesse Rogue' talent redundant. But before 10th level that isn't the case.