[RPG] the status of all the Primarchs


I'm not too caught up on the 40K Universe, though I have heard, through the grapevine things like

"The Lion has awoken…"

Being a Dark Angels fan, that certainly caught my attention. So what is the current status of all the Primarchs? (including Chaos)

Best Answer

I am unaware of any changes...

Official list of primarchs says that:

  1. Lion El'Jonson sleeps at the rock.
  2. +++Records expunged+++
  3. Fulgrim, Daemon prince, rules over a pleasure world.
  4. Perturabo, Daemon prince, ruler of Mendregard
  5. Jaghatai Khan's location is unknown. Possibly lost in the webway.
  6. Leman Russ disappeared in to the eye of terror, unknown.
  7. Rogal Dorn, possibly dead, possibly alive, skeleton hand found.
  8. Konrad Curze: Terminated, killed by Callidus assassin.
  9. Sanguinius, slain by Arch-Traitor Horus.
  10. Ferrus Manus, slained by Fulgrim.
  11. +++Records expunged+++
  12. Angron, Daemon Prince.
  13. Roboute Guilliman, Lord Commander of the Imperium
  14. Mortarion, Daemon Prince, rules over a plague planet.
  15. Magnus the Red, Daemon Prince, rules over planet of the Sorcerers. Probably imprisoned in the webway
  16. Horus Lupercal, Arch-Traitor slain by the God-Emperor of Man.
  17. Lorgar Aurelian, Daemon Prince, lord of Sicarius.
  18. Vulkan, unknown. Possibly alive.
  19. Corvus Corax, unknown, left for eye of Terror.
  20. Alpharius Omegon, Unknown.

Regarding the lost primarchs: There is absolutely no information about them, they have been wiped from the existence; only their brothers and emperor know their fate. Rumors say that one (and his legion) has been wiped by Leman Russ and his wolves, fate of the other is unknown but apparently his legion has merged with Ultramarines.