[RPG] the term for a mean character role-played by a nice player


Contradictory character seems to mean a character who defies stereotypes or exhibits traits that contradict one another, in a literary sense. I wish to distinguish what I mean from round characters.

Is there a commonly used term for when a player role-plays someone radically different than the player is? Or is the ambiguous "contradictory character" as good as it gets? I'm not interested in potential terms – if there isn't any normally used term for it I'll accept that answer. DMs don't count here because we might role-play almost anyone in a normal game; What about when a player breaks away from their norm and portrays a persona clashingly different from their own?

I'm aware of the relevant psychological terms but alas no clear RPG term.

Best Answer

TV Tropes calls this situation mean character, nice actor (and vice versa). It's quite common in the drama world but doesn't seem to have an established term beyond acting. You sometimes hear playing against type for this, although that's more about a difference from your previous roles, not your own personality.

The specific case of an opposite-sex character is a crossdresser or gender bender.