[RPG] the upgrade path for characters generated with the Red Box Starter kit


After creating a character using the Red Box and convincing my gaming group, all newbies to RPG's, to roll characters using the Red Box, I discovered that the Red Box doesn't seem to have an upgrade path for these characters. Is there an official or published method of leveling these chracters?

Best Answer

In the Dungeon Master's Book, the book contains instructions on how to level as per this link. If you're interested in having them level all the way to thirty, you'll need to grab the book "Heroes of the Fallen Lands".

Characters created as part of the Red Box are first level characters as presented in HoFL. HoFL presents more options to the first level character though, and so players should be allowed to retrain if they wish. Beyond that, use the level progression from HoFL for your red box characters.