[RPG] the use of a little bag of sand


In the Scholar's pack on page 151 of the PHB it notes that you get a 'little bag of sand'. Is there any mention of what the intended use of that is in-game? I haven't found anything in the equipment chapter.

Given the volume of off-topic answers I'll summarize the question as so: Why is it given to Scholars specifically; what use is the bag of sand to a scribe or other scholarly person?

Best Answer

Sand is one thing used by scribes to blot ink, so that a document can be handled or moved soon after working on it, without dripping or smearing. You can assume it sees use as a matter of course while the character is mapping a dungeon or composing a letter.

Apart from that intended use in a scholar's pack, it can probably be put to many creative uses under dire circumstances that have nothing to do with ancient ink's inconveniently-long drying time.