[RPG] this longsword that turns into a high-crit chain- or whip-like weapon that I remember


A while back I remember coming across a weapon from a 3rd party publishing RPG group for D&D that listed a weapon called either a Chain-blade or a Whip-blade, I don't really remember off hand. The important thing is that it has a critical threat range of 17–20 and a 10 ft. reach when it’s not a standard longsword.

Can someone help with what reference material this can be found in?

Best Answer

I am fairly confident that you are remembering the chainblade, which can be found in Arms and Armor (v3.5) from Bastion Press

The item's table entry can be found on page 8 of that book, which notes it as a reach weapon, in addition to having the increased threat range you mention and longsword typical damage dice and damage type. Its description can be found on page 16, and, - though it lacks a visual treatment - seems to strongly conform to the weapon you recall.

Is it the chainblade, from Arms and Armor (v3.5)?

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