[RPG] Tying someone up in 4E


Is there any mention on how to tie someone up using a rope or chains in 4E? Let's say I have a sleeping player (helpless) and I try to tie him up. How does that work? What about a guy I just grabbed?

Best Answer

The thievery skill is used to bind someone with rope. The result of the check sets the escape DC for the person trying to escape with acrobatics.

It's not covered in a lot of detail, but it is mentioned under the thievery description:

- Fix a broken wagon (easy DC)
- Craft a standard lock (moderate DC)
- Bind a creature with rope (check result sets escape DC)

If the target is helpless, you can probably bind them easily. Binding someone you have grabbed though is much more difficult and isn't covered by the rules. I would probably disallow it completely or set up an opposed roll (Thievery vs. Acrobatics) skewed heavily in favor of the defender.