[RPG] Unsanctioned Knowledge, best combat buffs for a paladin and small party


I have a 8th level Oath of Vengeance Paladin (see Paladin archer looking to combat optimize my 9th level choices) who specializes in ranged attacks. I'm interested in buffing myself or others, and I'm primarily looking for long term duration spells like Heroism.

I'm taking the feat Unsanctioned Knowledge — what level 1-4 spells should I pick from the cleric/oracle/inquisitor/bard spell lists that would be the best combat buffs?

My companions are a Weapon Finesse Fighter who always fights with kukri, and a cleric who often uses divine power and Impaler of Thorns.

Best Answer


Gravity Bow for yourself or Lead Blades for friends; Upping the effective size of your weapons is always nice for a level 1 spell, and it becomes even more dramatic if you have enlarge person or oversized weapons in the party

Protection from Energy, Communal; it can soak up some splash damage if that's a common issue you expect to fight

Ice Slick, to grease an area and knock up to four medium sized enemies prone might be okay if you don't mind them taking the +4 AC bonus to you specifically, but it will help your friends out and depending on the terrain could last indefinitely

Sound Burst for potential to stun a 2x2 area is also to be considered, if you're looking at more area-of-effect debuffs and Ice Slick doesn't work for you

Ironskin, because natural armor is powerful and you might get caught alone or just by a stray bolt

Carry Companion, if you expect casualties, travel issues, etc.

Summon Nature's Ally 1-4 for some reinforcements and to keep people off of you and your friends; some of the creatures summoned have some potentially useful abilities, like Constrictor or Venomous snakes and Crocodiles.

Named Bullet, to give your bow (And other's projectiles) the ability to strike against touch AC

and finally, Bow Spirit, so you can free yourself up to do other things and still get some damage in, or just get a bonus attack at your full BAB.