[RPG] use a full attack and natural attacks in the same round


I'm playing a 7th level monk variant in D&D 3.5e and I'm a werewolf. The variant has a 1 for 1 BAB. (level 1 = BAB+1) If I'm in hybrid form, Can I make my 2 standard attacks followed by 2 claws and a bite?

Best Answer

No. Your claw/claw/bite or your complement of monk-punches is what you get for a full-round attack, not both. You don't become supernaturally fast enough to both punch and claw simultaneously with the same hand just because you have claws now.

Though in hybrid form you're already using your hands as part of your unarmed attacks, you aren't using your bite. The entry for werewolves notes that they may normally use weapons in their hand(s) and then bite as a secondary attack. This means that the bite – and the bite only – is available as an extra attack. This incurrs the normal -5 penalty for secondary attacks, and you don't have the option of using this as part of your BAB-based attack progression – a bite, paired with normal, non-claw attacks is always a secondary weapon.

The SRD cites that are relevant:

  • Manufactured Weapons: You can attack with "manufactured weapons" and any secondaries allowed by the creature description (and for the monk, their unarmed attacks count as the same thing as "manufactured weapons" in this context):

    Some creatures combine attacks with natural and manufactured weapons when they make a full attack. When they do so, the manufactured weapon attack is considered the primary attack unless the creature’s description indicates otherwise and any natural weapons the creature also uses are considered secondary natural attacks. These secondary attacks do not interfere with the primary attack as attacking with an off-hand weapon does, but they take the usual -5 penalty (or -2 with the Multiattack feat) for such attacks, even if the natural weapon used is normally the creature’s primary natural weapon.

  • Natural Weapons: A high BAB that normally gives you extra attacks doesn't apply to natural weapons.

    Creatures do not receive additional attacks from a high base attack bonus when using natural weapons.

  • Werewolf (hybrid form): The entry for werewolves specifically states that mixing other attacks (manufactured weapons, monk unarmed attacks) with its natural attacks allows only the bite to be used as a secondary. This just confirms more specifically the rule cited above in "Manufactured Weapons".

    A werewolf in hybrid form usually dispenses with weapon attacks, though it can wield a weapon and use its bite as a secondary natural attack.

However, just like any monk can, you can use TWF to get a secondary attack with a your off hand. That could include one of your natural attacks not already being used, such as an off-hand claw, if and only if your DM deems claws to qualify as either "unarmed" or "monk weapons". I'd personally say that they don't qualify as unarmed (no monk's training includes how to use claws, unless your dojo taught a special werewolf-style of martial arts), but I would deem claws to be a monk weapon since they're used nearly identically to the Bagh Nahk aka Tiger Claws, which at least the Arms and Equipment Guide includes as a monk weapon.

Here's another way to look at it that follows the rules, but is much more intuitive: which attack is your primary? If you want to have multiple BAB-progression attacks, then your unarmed strike is your primary. That means that any other attack you make has to follow the rules for secondaries (or some other rule that lets you get in attacks alongside your primary attack). In the case of being a werewolf, the rules for werewolves and natural attacks say that you may only use the bite as a secondary. There is no rule anywhere that allows for a full complement of class-based primary attacks and a full set of primary and secondary natural attacks in the same round.