[RPG] Visual obfuscation when all PCs have darkvision


I'm DMing for two PCs, a half-orc and a half-elf. Both have Darkvision. I'd like to create a dungeon/combat session that uses darkness as a puzzle element, obfuscating their view and making them think about how to overcome it. However, since they have Darkvision they're never unable to see due to light levels. How can I introduce "darkness" that they actually won't be able to see through?

Best Answer

As the DM, you can introduce whatever you want, including darkness that Darkvision doesn't see through. However, if you're looking for options that already exist within the rules, there are plenty.

  • The Darkness spell creates magical darkness that normal Darkvision does not see through.
  • The Fog Cloud spell creates magical fog that heavily obscures an area.
  • There are a bunch more "fog" or "cloud" type spells, but they have additional effects that you may not want (like a bunch of damage).

That said, all of those spells affect a fairly small area and last a fairly short time. You want to fill a dungeon and have it last an adventure? You want one of the most underused spells in the book. Guards and Wards. It does a bunch of stuff, but the one you care about is:

Fog fills all the warded corridors, making them heavily obscured.

It lasts for 24 hours, and can be made permanent with some work. It covers a huge area. It's really cool. It's almost as if it was made for this exact situation. (Because it was.)