[RPG] Vow of Poverty, overpowered or underpowered


I have read plenty of things about the Vow of Poverty in forums, and i have seen both opinions expressed.

If i understand it correctly, it does work on the assumption of a linear magic item acquisition from the rest of the party, and it is "balanced" on that assumption. I also do understand that some builds use it to mix/max their character, with synergy of other vows.

My question is, as a mechanic, and if one assumes that this linear magic item acquisition is valid for a party, is it overpowered, underpowered, or balanced. Are there any other aspects i am not aware of?

Best Answer

It depends on the class. For item relaying classes it's underpowered, but for a class such as monk it's overpowered. In our dnd-3.5e campaign we had an exalted human monk with vow of poverty, and it was extremely powerful.

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